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Disney's QUASIGOR Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Preparing for Scary Poppins
Later, when they got back to Drakken's castle, the lab room was set up to look like a stage rehearsal room, and Madeleine was wearing a different wig and British women's hat over her head as she sung. Quasimodo, the gargoyles and Randall were sitting in seats like directors would as they watched her sing.
Madeleine: (singing) Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let's go fly a kite
But before she could finish, Quasimodo interrupted her.
Quasimodo: No! You missed it again!
Madeleine: Excuse me, Quasi, but I think you're supposed to say "cut".
Quasimodo: That's for film.
Randall: Film? Can you imagine a face like that on a 40-foot screen?
A thought bubble appeared from Hugo's mind, and in the thought bubble, we see people in a theater room watching a close-up of Madeleine's face filling up most of the screen. Hugo shivered a bit before the thought bubble popped.
Madeleine: By the way, I'm sure there are other songs in the play.
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 2 2
Isle of Dogs Review
ToonFanJoe's Movie Review - ISLE OF DOGS
My parents and I saw "Isle of Dogs", and we loved it. This film is a bonified masterpiece.
The animation was as good as the Fantastic Mr. Fox animation, and maybe even better. It was also neat that hand-drawn animation was included on television screens, or maybe it was computerized animating to look like the traditional hand-drawn animation, but I digress.
The filmmakers had made their quota of drama and suspense to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, and maybe give us and them goose bumps, and we really liked the relationship between Chief and Atari. What we also praised in the film were the backgrounds, the deadpan humor, some brief cute animal moments, and the voice talents of Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johannsen, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, F. Murray Abraham, Edward Norton, Liev Schriber and Frances McNormand. It's also amusing that Yoko Ono played a scientist named after her.
I do have a regret of not taking Japanese class before t
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 1
July 2018 Sequel Trailer
This is something I wanted to do for a couple months now ever since I saw the trailer for "The Boss Baby" that teased the audience about Beauty & The Beast at first, even though most of us knew it wasn't the latter right away. I thought I would do a script of a fake "misleading trailer" for a sequel coming next month that teases another sequel coming out the same month.
I do not own characters or songs used in the trailer. They belong to their respective owners, and this is all just for laughs to everyone familiar with commercials.
The trailer starts with a white background, and big letters in blue Bodoni font appear, as the song "Waterloo" by ABBA plays with other voices performing.
"This July"
We then see a cruise ship sailing out in the ocean, with fireworks exploding in the sky.
"Your Favorite Characters Are Back!"
We then see the characters who are singing "Waterloo" on the boat, and they are...the cast of Hotel Transylvania? They sing until they took notice of the audience wa
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 1
Spooky Godmother 1 cast by ToonFanJoey Spooky Godmother 1 cast :icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 6
MS12's AristoCats Read-Along
The first read-along for the week of this next month is another cancelled spoof version of the AristoCats, this time, it was one my friend, who I hear less from nowadays, was going to do.
Here was the cast:
* Thomas O'Malley - Danny Cat (Cats Don't Dance; with Pudge as an extra)
* Duchess - Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
* Toulouse - Skunk (Skunk Fu)
* Marie - Nala (The Lion King; still as a cub) 
* Berlioz - Oliver (Oliver & Company)
* Edgar - Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
* Madame BonFamille - Widow Tweed (The Fox and the Hound)
* Georges Hautecort - Gepetto (Pinocchio)
* Scat Cat - The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland (1951))
* Hit Cat - the Pink Panther
* Chinese Cat - Master Monkey (Kung Fu Panda)
* Billy Bass the Russian Cat - Pumbaa (The Lion King)
* Peppo the Italian Cat - Alex the Lion (Madagascar)
* Napoleon - Hokey Wolf
* Lafayette - Ding-A-Ling Wolf
* Amelia Gabble - Rita (Oliver and Company) 
* Abigail Gabble - Georgette (Oliver and Compa
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 1
Disney's QUASIGOR Chapter 5
Chapter 5: The Incredible Shrinking Chase and A New Role
Later, Quasimodo was driving the vehicle that Drakken used to carry each ivention to every new science fair, through town, on the way back to the castle, with Madeleine in the cart where the invention usually goes. B.E.N. and the gargoyles were in another car that Drakken would ride in while his hunchback did the driving. For some reason, an instrumental version of the song "Perfect Isn't Easy" was playing on the car's radio while Madeleine spoke about her actress career.
Madeleine: Okay, things to do. Sign up for yoga class, get new headshots, adopt children from all over the world, take up to fashion design, and start a charity organization. Oh, now for my elocution exercises. I need a box of biscuits, I need a box of biscuits.
Quasimodo groaned in despair as Randall sat next to him.
Quasimodo: (disheartenedly) It's just failure after failure.
Randall: After failure, after failure, after...
The hunchback frowned at the reptile,
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 3
Disney's QUASIGOR Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Brain Wash
Back with Quasimodo's group, the hunchback was leaving a trail of the orphan's paper flowers for the monster to follow back to the castle, collecting each paper flower. Quasimodo held out a bouquet of the paper flowers he had bought from the orphanage. As this happened, the song "Baby Won't You Please Come Home" by Louis Prima played in the background.
Randall: She's probably making a huge club of flowers to smash us with.
Hugo: Where exactly did we come up with the money to pay for these flowers?
Laverne: A loan, how else? We need to start paying back next week or we'll lose the TV, the current one Drakken had and not the one you and dunce bucket tried to fix.
Victor: I'm still trying to get over the last time you mentioned that!
B.E.N.: (whispering to Quasimodo) This must be very embarrassing for you.
He and the others went ahead, leaving Quasimodo to continue leaving the paper flowers for the monster to collect. Eventually, they returned to the castle, with Sar
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 6
Animal Monsters University Prologue
Disclaimer: This is the third new Halloween fic of the year, part of the whole new start of a new Halloween fic a month for a whole year, and it was supposed to be started in February.
Back in 2009, or 2010, I had this cheesy idea of doing a Monsters Inc. fanmake with monster versions of anthropomorphic animals in a human-free setting (you know, Zootopia, Animalympics, Robin Hood, SING, Talespin, etc.) with Baloo and Bagheera playing Mike and Sulley, because of John Goodman voicing both Sulley and Baloo, and maybe having Louie as an extra friend.
Anyway, the principle of the movie is that, to a human, an animal standing on two legs and wearing clothes like them, monstrous or not, can be considered scary. It's almost why we don't have as much films of today that feature humans and anthros co-existing, now that you think about it.
After seeing the prequel, I later on realized it would make more sense to have Louie be considered the animal who isn't scary than Bagheera being referred to a
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 2 3
Disney's QUASIGOR Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Quasimodo Creates Life
Soon, Quasimodo opened the hatch leading to his secret cellar room, and he climbed down the stairs, with his friends following afterwards.
Quasimodo: I sometimes come down here to think.
Randall: Oh, great. What's next? You're gonna pull out a guitar and sing a song you wrote in college about being misunderstood?
Quasimodo: I'm not allowed to sing. Court order, remember? That explains why earlier I didn't sing a showtune expressing my desires to be like everyone else or more than what I am.
Randall: Good, because if you started singing, I'd throw up.
The hunchback then pulled a switch, turning the lights on and then he went over to a curtain, giving his friends a smirk, before pulling it away. The five then saw what the hunchback was having them behold, their eyes widened and they all screamed in terror, for the thing Quasimodo had behind the curtains had a big stout metal body, an arm with a metal claw, a skull with a metallic side that had one eyebal
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 7
Wildlife Age 2 Read-Along
Part 2:
Many months after Bagheera, Meeko and Kovu returned Tarzan to his tribe, the age of the cold was ending and the animals of the valley were enjoying their much warmer world. There were water slides to zip down from the glaciers, and pools to splash into. But at a camp which Meeko ran, the kids did more than sliding and splashing, they were violating rules of the raccoon camp counselor's, and even made a piñata out of him.
Meeko was grateful when Bagheera and Kovu rescued him, but he resented their saying he wasn't qualified to run a camp. He thought the kids looked up to him, but that was far from the truth.
"You guys think I can never do anything, but I'm an equal member of this herd." Meeko complained. "I started this herd, so it's high time you started treating me with respect." The others scoffed, but he was determined to prove himself.
The little brats at first were about to play Pin the Tail on the Panther, since they didn't have the raccoon to pick on anymore, bu
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 2
Disney's QUASIGOR Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Sarousch's Plan and A New Invention
At the castle, a man was in the shadows playing a standard dark and sinister castle tune on what appeared to be a pipe organ. When he was done playing the tune, the lights came on, which gave us a better view of the man, and the pipe organ turned out to be a piano with a neon light-decorated arch over it. The man was slender with a weak body structure, had black shoulder-length hair, a little black toupee to make the hair full and blue eyes. He wore a blue shirt with dark blue collar and cuffs, maroon stripes on his sleeves, a matching belt, purple tights, blue curly shoes, and at the moment, a black-and-white striped cape and shades similar to Elton John's. He was Sarousch, Disnaria's most famous evil scientist.
He grinned as he started playing more upbeat music, sounding like something one would hear in a variety show. The platform which Sarousch and his piano spun around to face the crowd of visiting citizens of Disnaria arriving. Above
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 3
Tails and Skunk's Road to El Dorado Read-Along
This read-along summarization is of a DreamWorks spoof of mine I was interested in doing, with everyone else doing spoofs or fanmakes of this one at the time I thought of it. It's the DreamWorks classic, "The Road to El Dorado".
To cut to the chase, this was the cast:
Miguel - Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog; he'd be an adult in this instead of having clips of him as a kid with an adult's voice)
Tulio - Skunk (Skunk Fu; as an adult; same with him)
Chel - Fifi La Fume (Tiny Toon Adventures; as an adult) and Fox (Skunk Fu; sharing the role) (it was originally going to be Fifi as Chel and Fox as the Girl in Barcelona, but I decided to give the Tails/Fox shipping more than just a split-second part in this version)
Tzekel-Kan - Baboon (Skunk Fu) (originally to be Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc.)
Chief Tannabok - Tiger (An American Tail)
Cortes - Steele (Balto; as a full anthro)
The sailor who bet his map - Don Karnage (Talespin) (originally to be King Julien from Madagascar,
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 0
Clifford and Company Read-Along
Here is yet another read-along of another nearly forgotten Disney animated classic, which I was going to do a spoof of as well, and this one was actually one of those that almost seemed fanmake-worthy.
Here is the cast:
Oliver: Clifford the Small Red Puppy (his Puppy Days counterpart)
Dodger: Shackleford (Clifford's Really Big Movie)
Rita: Dorothy (Clifford's Really Big Movie; since she and Rita were both the only girls of their rag-tag groups)
Einstein - T-Bone and KC (both from the Clifford show)
Francis - Mac (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
Tito - Rodrigo and Dirk (Clifford's Really Big Movie)
Fagin - Larry Gablegobble (Clifford's Really Big Movie)
Jenny - Emily Elizabeth
Winston - Mr. Bleakman
Georgette - Cleo (Clifford the Big Red Dog; but not as vain as Georgette)
Sykes - Rourke (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Old Louie - the hot dog vendor from Inspector Gadget's Greatest Caper Ever
Roscoe and Desoto - Sombra (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; as an ordinary vicious horse without any
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 0 1
Disney's QUASIGOR Chapter 1
Okay, here is the start of the Halloween fanmake I was going to start in January, but have been focusing on many other things. For the second fic for the one-new-Halloween-fic-a-month scheme, I shall be starting something I've been wanting to do since 2012, an all-Disney cast version of an animated film starring John Cusack that will turn 10 this September.
It stars another hunchback in the title role. Quasimodo is playing Igor. Who else, right? He and Igor almost resemble each other, at least that's what I thought back in 2008.
This was originally to be a YouTube recast spoof, but I realized it would work better as a fanmake and save some time from editing videos to only end up looking poorly edited.
I do not own any of the characters or the film, but I own a couple names. They belong to MGM and Disney.
Well, let's see the Disney characters act out this overlooked different kind of monster tale.
Chapter 1: A Hunchback's Life
Our story begins somewhere dark where storm clouds have s
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 9
The Fox King 1 Read-Along
Next cancelled Disney spoof read-along is one based on The Lion King, featuring foxes.
This is the cast:
Simba - Tod
Nala - Vixey
Timon - Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel
Pumbaa - Bullwinkle J. Moose
Mufasa - Robin Hood (Disney version)
Sarabi - Maid Marian (Disney version)
Scar - Farley (Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure)
Shenzi, Banzai and Ed - themselves
Rafiki - Miles (Barnyard)
Zazu - Lofty Thaddeus Worthington Pigeon (Valiant)
Sarafina - Mrs. Felicity Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)
If I would have kept doing this as a YouTube recast spoof, I would have featured clips of Tod (as a kit) and Rita (from the Jungledyret Hugo films) in the parts where cub Simba and Nala are. One of the reasons for cancelling it though is because Scar was scared and worried in some parts of the film, and as great a choice Farley is for Scar, he's never scared or worried in the sequel to Charlotte's Web. So, I'm just summarizing this whole reenactment instead. Enjoy. I do not own the chara
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 2 1
MS12's Madagascar 1 Read-Along
Disclaimer: Next read-along summarization of another one of Michaelsar's cancelled movie spoofs, and it's one of a DreamWorks film of zoo animals finding their way back to the zoo. That's right, it's what he was going to do via a recast version of Madagascar 1-3.
I do not own any of the characters or story of the film used. This is all for fun and nonprofit purposes.
"ToonFanJoe Presents"
"A read-along spoof summarization of..."
"Madagascar: MS12 Crossover Style"
Here is a recreation of the Madagascar series done by characters for fun, under the direction of a director who used his initials, "MS12". This was started March 2012.
Bagheera the Panther was the star attraction of Toon York Zoo. Bagheera loved performing for the daily crowds, and he especially enjoyed his nightly streak, but above that, he loved his three best friends: Tantor the elephant, Sasha LaFleur the Irish Setter and Tigger the tiger.
The panther wanted to surprise his friend with a present for his tenth birthday,
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 3 4


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Whenever I look in my note box, it doesn't show what deviations or journal entries I've sent to any users in the "sent messages" section, just the notes. It started yesterday when I shared the 6th chapter of "Disney's QUASIGOR" to some friends I know. Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?
Yes, a happy Father's Day to all. Hope you and your dads (and your grandfathers) out there are celebrating today.


Joey Yaroch
United States
Whenever I look in my note box, it doesn't show what deviations or journal entries I've sent to any users in the "sent messages" section, just the notes. It started yesterday when I shared the 6th chapter of "Disney's QUASIGOR" to some friends I know. Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?


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